Windsor Style

The elegant furnishings, the exclusivity of a historic building, the modern finishes.

The elegant furnishings, the exclusivity of a historic building, the modern finishes.
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  • Windsor Hotel promenade Passirio

    Hotel at the heart

    Overlooking the pedestrian walk along the river Passer, Windsor Hotel is in a strategic position to visit the center of the city of Merano on foot.

    Walking pampered by the sound of the water, it will be a matter of a few minutes to get to the heart of the city.

    To visit the Kurhaus, relax at the Spa, or even indulge in a little shopping.

    Discover the rooms
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      Light and relaxation

      Filigree forms decorate the rooms. Comfortable and stylish furnishing creates an inviting atmosphere.

      Common areas bright and relaxing.
      To read a book, have a drink, chat with friends.

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        Organic tastes for breakfast

        A breakfast made of genuine products, homemade cakes, special bread and love for the good things.

        To rediscover natural, authentic flavors.

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        • Windsor Hotel piscina
        • Windsor Hotel idromassaggio hot-tub whirlpool
        • Windsor Hotel piscina pool notte night nacht

          Garden & Pool

          The garden is full of trees and fragrant flowers, sparkles the pool water and the beach chairs invite you to a peaceful afternoon to indulge.

          Nearby there is also the Terme Meran SPA, where you will find an endless choice of spa treatments.

          You can buy tickets at discounted rates at the hotel.

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          • Windsor Hotel ingresso entrance eingang

          Zero stress

          Without a car to drive and park around the city. Your car will wait safely in our modern underground garage.

          The convenient location allows you to enjoy the city moving on foot.

          And if you prefer to come by train, the station is close enough that a taxi is not even needed.

          Getting here
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          Always connected

          It is said that on holiday it is better to disconnect completely.

          But if you prefer to share photos of your trip directly from here, know that Wi-Fi is free and available everywhere.

          And on top of that it is simple to use, with no ticket or long password. Just like at home.

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